Smart Incentives

Providing a wide variety of solutions to reward or encourage your customers and employees. Creating Incentives that get attention and are meaningful.

About Us

Smart Incentives creates custom incentive plans to meet your business needs.

Our History

The expertise behind Smart Incentives was garnered over a decade of experience in online retail, distribution and international shipping. As managers of a successful ecommerce company, we developed proprietary methodologies and time-tested strategies for creating and managing incentives like awards, recognition programs, sales contests and holiday gifts for our team members and customers alike. Peers, friends, and business partners took note of our success in the field and turned to us for advice when they needed to develop incentive solutions of their own. We found that we enjoyed helping others create attractive, interesting and engaging incentive programs for their businesses just as much as we did when we were working for ourselves. After all, who doesn’t love gifting?

After succeeding with both our own employees and customers, and the employees and customers of other organizations, our reputation spread. Word of mouth travels fast and far, and before long, the incentive programs took on a bigger life than we could have imagined. So in late 2016 we decided to make our gifting expertise into a business of its own, and Smart Incentives was born ☺.

Our Vision

Smart Incentives creates custom incentive plans to meet your business needs. With Smart Incentives you can easily craft an incentive plan perfectly suited to your stakeholders – be they clients, employees, investors, or partners. We specialize in employee recognition, customer loyalty rewards, courtesy gifts, and experience-incentives for organizations of every size.
Smart Incentives provides a wide variety of solutions to reward or encourage your customers and employees. From gifts and awards to activities and getaways, our incentive solutions are always specially tailored to the people and purposes they are intended to serve.

We offer original and inexpensive gifts for home or office settings – tactful items that punch above their weight, leaving lasting impressions and positive associations. Recent examples of gifts include iconic art prints, stately bonsai trees, clever bottle stoppers, artisanal photo frames, and sophisticated Bluetooth trackers. Our buyers are always scouting new and exciting gifts that say “thank you” better than words ever could.

We also provide a range of different employee recognition products. Service awards can be presented as certificates, embossed on fine stationery, packaged in heavyweight envelopes (“the envelope please”), and sealed with a wax imprimatur of your choosing, or engraved on wide array of crystal statuettes. We also offer customizable high-value tokens of recognition such as gift baskets and chests, handcrafted vases, clocks and candlesticks, and boutique wines and spirits.

Sometimes, the best way to reward employees is through more ephemeral forms of recognition. We have helped our clients liven up their workplaces with exciting game rooms that feature everything from billiards and ping pong to classic arcade games. Other companies have found that the stomach is the surest way to their employees’ hearts – and we’ve created programs such as a series of “Surprise Thursdays” featuring free lunches from different cuisines every week. Different organizational cultures are better suited to different activities. We’ve also arranged yoga retreats, on-site yoga lessons, massages, mentor sessions, and physical group activities like orienteering.

We’ll find the right way to recognize your employees, incentivize your customers, and help you achieve your desired results with Smart Incentives. You can get some initial ideas and general information on our website – once you’re ready to start planning the perfect incentive program, reach out to us and we’ll set up a time to talk. Together we’ll develop a custom-tailored smart incentive program that’ll get everyone excited.


Jim O’Neill:

“Smart Incentives has provided superior customer support – not only to my business, but also to my customers receiving gifts. They always answer questions, solve problems, and proactively offer solutions. …

Cyrille Garnet:

“I’m really excited about Smart Incentives’ services – they let our team members choose the awards they want. Working with SI  saves us a lot of time so we can …

Aruna Joshi:

“Working with Russ (both before and after he launched the Smart Incentives website) has made my life so much easier!! Rewards programs used to be such a cumbersome process – …